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Telenor Free internet Trick Psiphon Handler Apk 2023 Working

If you have been Using the Internet since 2007, then you must Remember the Psiphon Handle Software. Three versions of this Software were Launched at the time. An American company made this software. It used to be that you could use it as a VPN, then it had a lot of interesting options, it still has these things, now it has some new updates. We are telling you some good options of Psiphon Handle software, by using them you can benefit from it, you can use it for Free internet, you can use it for a lot of work, we will help you. Which is Explained below in Detail About this Software

What is Psiphon

Facebook is a Software that can be used as an VPN. This Software can be Downloaded from the Play store. This software has been Downloaded More Than 100 million times in the play store. which is used in Different Countries, VPN is also available in the Play Store, you must have seen it, but it has some other features due to which it is used a lot. What’s in it, you get the access of all the countries for free, yes you can run free internet in it, who doesn’t like to run free internet, so the software is very much liked and it This software is most used in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh and the most used software was in 2011 in Pakistan. The value of this software was greatly increased

Free Internet Phisphone

Now let us tell you how the Free internet Works. If we talk about the free internet, then at first Pakistan, Bangladesh and India could run the free internet using this Software, but now it is only in Pakistan. There is a network in Pakistan called Telenor if you have Telenor sim then you can use internet for free using this software if you have Telenor sim You have to go to your Settings and set up 3G. Yes, if you want to use up-free internet, you can use free internet only on a 3G SIMS. If you have a 4G SIM, then you cannot use up-free internet. If it runs in free then 3G is fine but using 3G speed it goes up to 600 Kb easily so this software is quite good if you want to run up free internet then this You have to install the software and do your own settings and you can run it on the internet for free

For Telenor Free internet Trick Psiphon 2023 Working

For Telenor
Mobile Setting:
Select Orignal Telenor GPRS setting Like:
Name: Any Changeimei
APN: Internet
Proxy: Blank
Port: Blank

User blank

Pasword Blank

Save Setting.

Handlers Setting:
Tick Mark On Remove Port
Proxy Type: Real Host
Proxy Server:
Real proxy server
Real proxy type:Socks
And save it ..

But you have to remember one thing that when you connect the software, your location will change, your location will not be of Pakistan. Russia, Netherlands, South Africa, Japan, Korea, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland, and Vietnam are different countries that have different IP addresses that connect automatically and you can access the free internet. I hope this article is up. It must have been useful for you and you must have liked it, if you like it, please share it

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