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How to Share Your Wi-Fi Password with a QR Code / Show Wifi Password

If you have any Wi-Fi connected and you want to find out its password, can you find out its password? Then you want to find someone else’s password, like your friend has a wifi password and he is not sharing it with you, so how can you see his password?

If any Wi-Fi is connected in any mobile phone, you can easily extract its Wi-Fi password and see its Wi-Fi password in just five seconds. What is the password, what are the security measures, so if you want to find someone’s Wi-Fi password, the first step is to go to the settings of your mobile phone. If you click on Wi-Fi, then the option of My Device will be there and the total Wi-Fi will be shown there, which Wi-Fi will be around there. The password you want to extract must be connected to your Wi-Fi, so you have to click on the Wi-Fi connected to you, as soon as you click, a QR code will appear in front of you For sharing, you have to click on the QR code. If you click, a QR code option will open in front of you. How to take a screenshot in your mobile phone Every mobile phone has its own method of taking a screenshot, whatever the method, you have to take a screenshot in this way. By cropping this picture and saving only the QR code, it is a website. You have to open this website by the name of and here you You will get the option of browsing as soon as you click on browsing, then the option of uploading will appear in front of you. and there will be an option of submit and you have to click on submit,

like if you click on submit, then within five seconds only, it will extract the total detail, which is the name of Wi-Fi and This is the Wi-Fi password, the existing password will be shown in front of you. In this way, you can easily extract the existing password of any device in just five seconds, even if it is your own device. If it is your friend’s password, you can easily see his password in this way

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