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How to Make a Backup of any app installed on your Phone 2023

If you have a mobile phone, then obviously you will use it, you will also use some apps in it. In Android phone, applications are installed from the play store, and you can do different things by installing them. An application that increases the speed of a mobile phone, an application that helps you play videos, an application that tests your internet speed, etc. These are the various apps that are available in Android phones now. There are thousands of applications in the play store and mobile phones, but there is a particular application that a person likes and uses it on a daily basis. Also, it may have happened that if you have opened this application the next day, then everything has changed, the old options have been removed, the new options have been added, so what is there at that time. People get confused as to what has happened so application updates are done by the companies that own the app that you are using to make the app better. When updating, they add some new functions from which you can benefit more, but during this update they have to make some changes, they have to remove some old options and give new options. From this, the application gets better, but there is some difference in usage, so if you have an application that you use and it is your favorite, then you should back it. By creating a backup, the same version of the application will be saved, then no matter how much the company updates it in the Play Store, the application will remain the same. Let me tell you in detail how you can make a backup of any application and save it in your mobile, you can use it later and share the backup with anyone. Can do and it has some other benefits, I will tell you in detail

Super Backup & Restore

What is Super Backup And Restore App

Let us tell you the first way that you can make a backup of the apps. The software we are telling you is called Super Backup and Restore. If you install it in your phone, you will get to see a lot more options with this software, you can not only backup apps, but you can also save everything you have, such as messages, contact lists, videos, photos. can keep and this application runs completely free, so you don’t have to pay any money. The first option you get in front of the app is the app. When you click on the app, the next option is what you want to create a backup of this app. There is an option in front of where you want to keep the backup, you want to keep it in your card, in the mobile phone, wherever you want to keep the backup, whether it is the file manager or the mobile, that folder will be selected. And click on yes it will backup this application and then you can transfer it to another mobile phone or save it and use it after backup. Even if you use this application even after five years, you can use it as all the same functions will be present in it

Now let’s tell you Another and Easy way by which you can Create a Backup of any Android App

Zapya – File Transfer, Share

Now we are going to tell you another method. By using this method, you can easily create a backup of any app that is installed in your mobile phone. You are already using this application, friends, the name of this application is Zapya , it is an application that is used for file transfer. Yes, this application has more than 100 million downloads on Play Store and it Many people use it to transfer files from one mobile phone to another mobile phone, then whether it is a video file, an audio file, a photo or an application, you can easily transfer it to another mobile phone. In a few seconds, but in this application, you also get this amazing feature that you can make a backup of any app and keep it safe. The apps that are installed in your mobile phone will start showing. Now, the mobile applications that are being shown in front of you are the app that you want to backup, then click on that app for five seconds and wait. After five seconds, five options will appear in front of you. You want to open, share or create a backup. Then you have to click on the third option, which is the backup. And as you click, within two seconds everything will be backed up and it will be saved in your file manager, inside the Zapya folder, and then whatever you want. You can also use this method, then if you want to save it or share it with someone, this is a very easy way. can use

Swift Backup

Now we tell you the third way to make a backup of any app. If you go to the Play Store and search for a backup app, there is an app on the third number called Swift Backup. With which you can take backup of videos and videos and apps. Talking about the download of this app, its downloads are more than five million. As soon as you open this app, you will get an option in front of you. If you click on the backup button, then you will get an option whether you want to create a backup of the app. When you click on the app, there will be three options in front of you that you want to create a backup of the app, you want to create it in a simple file, you want to create it in a zip file or whatever it is, they have their own format. If you want to make a backup of this application, then if you want to make a backup, then you will click on Simple App, then what is in the normal format of the application will be backed up and in the file manager. It will be saved if you want to make a backup of the app zip then that is also fine, you can also create it using the app so this method is good if you have an application and want to make a backup of it. So using any of these three methods you can back it up and save it to yourself, so I hope my article has been useful for you.

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