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Download Car Simulator Vietnam APK – Latest version

If you love to drive then obviously you will love to play car games too When it comes to car games there are many car games available for android phone some of them are good and some are average but We are going to tell you about a car game that is very interesting and different from all the other games. This game is called Car Simulator Vietnam. Car Simulator Vietnam is a game in which you get to see a lot of options. This game Jo Hai was created in 2018 by a developer from Vietnam. This game has very interesting options. Let us tell you about the different things that you can use to enjoy this game. can

More Options

Let us tell you something more about this game which are the options that are given in this game first of all you are given the options of what kind of car you want to drive you get the option of some small car. And you also get the option of a big car, in which you get one to seven seats, in which you have to carry different people from one place to another, in exchange for which those people They give you money and from them you can buy parts of different cars. Well, there is another option of the car that you can change the color of your car. Yes, you can change the color of your car. You can select red color, you can select black color, after that you can select pink color car.

Game details

Car Simulator Vietnam (also known as CarSven Web3o ) will let you experience a real car driver in Vietnam in a real way, featuring the most popular 4, 5 and 7-seater cars in Vietnam such as Toyota Vios, Toyota Innova. , real nautical map of vietnam.


Let us tell you more about how you can take different people to another place. If you carry their goods, you get some extra money. If you only want to carry the servants, you still get less money. So the first car that starts is a It starts from a small base from where you drive and leave. As soon as you travel a bit, you will come to a market in a Vietnamese city, which is a mobile market where you can buy what you want. You have to drive slowly as soon as you travel a little, there is a river ahead. Slowly you have to cross this river. In which you have to drive slowly and slowly and you get to see different stops where you can stop and travel as you travel along the river. If you are there, you get to see very good sights, very beautiful sights, what is happening there, what is going on, there are different people, you can see different shops, where you can stop and enjoy what is there. This journey is a journey of 40 km which you have to complete in a certain time. Where you stop and leave these passengers and some coins are added in your game, in the form of money, you get more questions from there by traveling in this way. You can enjoy this game, you can also download this game and play it, this game is very interesting if you are fond of games.


In this game you get more options like you can change the weather, you can drive a car in the rain, you can increase or decrease the water level. After that, you can drive everywhere, you can drive on paved roads, you can drive on dirt roads, you get to see more options.

Main Features of Vietnam Car Simulator:

1 Toyota Innova 2017 7-seater, 5-seater Toyota Vios is the most used in Vietnam.

2 Manipulation to open 4 doors, open the trunk, open the hood, wipers, …

3 Especially the function of opening the panoramic sunroof.

4 Smart key remote electronic lock function.

5 Carrying passengers and baggage in the car …

6 Many maps of flooded villages, real sea maps of Vietnam.

7 Pull and release the handbrake.

8 Steering wheel horn, horn with 4 different horn modes to sound like a real car

9 Change the weather at will: rainy, sunny, dark

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